The depth of knowledge amassed by our instructors will be a great advantage to you learning Karate. If you are looking for a new fitness routine our Academy has something for you.

  • Sensei Raphael Veras
    Sensei Raphael Veras Head Instructor

    Sensei Raphael is the Head Instructor and Founder of the Veras Academy Association. Veras Academy Founder/ Head of Veras Academy Association (BLK BELT 4th Dan & Multiple Time National/International Champion) Head Kids Instructor (8-14 yr. olds) & Senior Program Leader.

  • Sensei Marco Correia
    Sensei Marco Correia Instructor

    Sensei Marco Correia is a 1st Dan Black Belt under Sensei Raphael Veras and a WKF Qualified coach. He is an Instructor at the Veras Academy HQ in Islington.

  • Sensei Alton Brown
    Sensei Alton Brown Instructor

    Sensei Alton Brown is an International Karate Athlete and Instructor at Veras Academy. Currently represents Team Jamaica and is Former European Champion/World Medallist/Commonwealth Games Medallist and holder of multiple English, British and International titles. Alton is Former EKF Regional Coach (South Region) and Former BUCS Team Manager for University Karate in Great Britain

  • Sensei Donna Blake
    Sensei Donna Blake Instructor - Barnet, Bulphan & Dagenham

    Sensei Donna is a 1st Dan Black Belt under Raphael Veras, and a National and International competitor. Holding a number of titles, Sensei Donna is also an EKF Accredited Referee & Coach and qualified Autism Awareness and Inclusion Activity Coach. She currently runs the academy’s Barnet, Bulpham and Dagenham branches

  • Sensei Patricia Silveira
    Sensei Patricia Silveira Instructor - Haringey

    Sensei Patricia is a 1st Dan Black Belt under Sensei Raphael Veras. She is also the CWO for Veras Academy, and runs the academy’s Haringey branch

  • Sensei Patience Kakitie
    Sensei Patience Kakitie Instructor - Oxford

    Sensei Patience is a 2nd Dan Black Belt and EKF accredited coach. With a number of successes both Nationally and Internationally, she continues to train and compete and currently runs the Veras Academy branches in Oxfordshire.

  • Sensei Kalmutskyi Vyacheslav
    Sensei Kalmutskyi Vyacheslav Instructor - Leyton

    Sensei Kalmutskyi is a 1st Dan Black Belt having trained and competed under the Ukrainian Karate Federation. He is currently running the academy’s Leyton branch offering classes for children 4 years old and above

  • Sensei Dawn Kavanagh
    Sensei Dawn Kavanagh Instructor - Stepney

    Sensei Dawn is a 1st Dan Black Belt under Sensei Raphael Veras, and is currently head of the academy’s Stepney branch

  • Sensei Bernadette Urrutia
    Sensei Bernadette Urrutia Instructor - Bow

    Sensei Bernie is a 1st Dan Black Belt under Sensei Raphael Veras, and is currently head of the academy’s Bow branch