• Veras Academy is like one huge family. Every session we push each other to improve. The pursuit of excellence is just in the atmosphere at the dojo and it's contagious. We're all constantly trying to better ourselves. I couldn't imagine my life without training at Veras.

    Jaydon Sullivan Student
  • My children have been training with Sensei Raphael Veras for nearly seven years now and I have watched each of my children grow in confidence and skill during that time. Sensei Raphael has a passion for karate that the children find contagious, and they look to him for inspiration. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them under his guidance.

    Klare Walsh Parent
  • I met Sensei Veras 15 years ago and have been training with him since 2010. He encouraged me to join Karate to help with my arthritis and improve my general fitness. Over the years Sensei Veras has coached me to numerous national medals and continues to push me every session.

    Berrnadette Urrutia Student/Instructor
  • Our dad is cool. Always teaching, training, studying and never complaining. Somehow he finds extra time to make sure his family and all his fighters are okay. We love you.

    Veras Brothers Sensei Veras' children, Students
  • Four years ago I was introduced to the Veras Academy and Sensei Raphael through a mutual friend. Since beginning with the Veras Academy my training and understanding of karate have sky rocketed. My son has learning difficuties and Asbergers' syndrome, within the Veras Academy he is not treated any different to his peers. He has achieved so much within his time at the Academy. The Veras Academy is a not just a karate association, we are a family. We all succeed together and that is what makes the club stand out from the rest.

    Donna Blake Student/Instructor
  • I have known Raphael Veras and the Veras Academy for more than 10 years. In my opinion Veras Academy is the premier karate club in London for Olympic karate. The teaching is absolutely fantastic and the family friendly atmosphere is the perfect training environment for any parent wanting the best for their children. Raphael has a huge amount of experience as a coach both nationally and internationally and has an amazing ability to bring great athletes together, young and old from all over the world which is one of the great things about training here.

    Alton Brown International Athlete
  • What can be said about “Veras Academy”. Just another Karate club? Another Bruce Lee wannabe wanting to show-off and make a quick buck here & there? Not really and far, far from it. Together with my kids I joined “VA” only 6 months ago. Immediately, you are welcomed as part of the family. There is no feeling of Sensei’s doing it just to accomplish financial goals, as unfortunately it is a case with many other  clubs & sports. Every class is buzzing with excitement, no matter what age you are.Very relaxed atmosphere, where each student is so eager to help. Relaxed atmosphere yes, but training is anything but. On the end of the day, you are trained by a person who is in charge of few national teams. I remember well the day when we joined, Sensei’s words “you will train the same as we train Olympic teams”. You are not pushed to achieve anything beyond your personal abilities. However, Sensei’s love, commitment & passion of the sport, like sun rays oozes throughout the dojo each & every class. Students are absorbing it with same passion and pushing themselves  beyond what they are actually capable of. No wonder, academy is full of National & World champions, over & over again. Don’t know what’s with Brazil & Brazilians but, they seam to be producing unique talents from time to time. Everyone remembers Pele. Like a child, I used to watch him dancing Samba between his opponents. Or late Ayrton Senna, at Donnington Park, on slick tyres in torrential rain with rest of the field on full wets, lapping everyone but one. History in making. Same goes for Sensei Veras, it is like poetry in motion. I want to hate him because he is so good but I just keep coming back for more and more.Don’t want the class to finish and intoxicated with expectations for the next.Whatever your age is, and what ever your goals in life might b e, Veras Academy is where the Champions are made. If you think you don’t have it in you, just try it and you will be pleasantly surprised. And if you aim is not to become a Champion, that’s fine, you can take pleasure in training with one or many. God bless “VA”

    Dinar Mulabdic Student